Closing down image hosting

Dont worry, we are working on something completely new!

This graph shows what time it was in the visitors' time zones during their visits.In total, there where over 66.448 images uploaded in the public gallery, and another 66.800 pictures uploaded to the private section.

There where 33.309 images downloaded from the public gallery. With 283.808 visits and over 1.772.300 pageloads, in average 4 minutes per visit this numbers are quite impressiv!

With 113.512 visits, the USA is number one, followed by Spain (14.056), France (13.357), UK (12.119) and Germany (9.085).

You are by now probably asking yourself why we are posting all this informations... Well the reason is simple:

Hosting is not cheap, and neither is bandwidth. Many of you will know that, others just don't care. That is the reason we'll be closing down free image hosting on

Your uploaded images will be availeble for another month. All requests will be redirected to

Since many of you where using for hosting images used in the Beautify FB Chrome Extension, we are working hard to replace this function.

Thank you all for using! You can stay updated following us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

And dont forget: Beautify your world!

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