Working on a brand NEW Beautify

A few years back, browsing through the web, we found en extension, that was left alone by its developer. Since there where a lot of users that time, and Facebook was changing many things, the extension stoped working, and many people where complaining.

Very new to this game, we took the initiative, and write a fix for that extension. Its name was Beautify Facebook.
Since then, we where updating the extension sometime more and sometimes less often.

In the last few months many thins around Facebook changed, and we where so in other work, that there was no time at all to update.

This is now about to change!

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Closing down image hosting

Screenshot of the old image hosting serviceAlmost two years after opening the doors of the image uploading service, it is now time, to take a closer look at the past years.

In total, there where over 66.448 images uploaded in the public gallery, and another 66.800 pictures uploaded to the private section.

There where 33.309 images downloaded from the public gallery. With 283.808 visits and over 1.772.300 pageloads, in average 4 minutes per visit this numbers are quite impressiv!

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